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However, despite all this quality of most games was at a fairly high level. All of the GameBoy Advance roms can be downloaded for free. Enjoy your favourite Gameboy Advance games. We have put together a collection of GBA roms, which you can download for free. You can sort rom games by genre or region. Pokemon - Fire Red Version V1.

[2.1.0] Vulnerability fixes

Home Roms Emulators. Home Roms Gameboy Advance. Pokemon - Emerald Version. Check out the video and this guide for instructions on how to install it.

You can find a list of emulators for PCs over on Emulator Zone. Just download, unzip, and install. This video will take you through the process and show you a few places where you can find games to play once it's installed. This list should help alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms for those fiending for some GBA play. Good luck and Godspeed. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.


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How To: Last revised Sep 20, This tutorial is to help you with Visual Boy Advance on Windows. It's considered by most people to be the 1 emulator for Game Boy Advance. It wasn't the first Game Boy Advance emulator, but the first to become popular. It comes equipped with all the usual features we expect emulators to have such as screen filters, cheats, and screen recording.

VisualBoyAdvance Mac

Emulation quality is practically perfect. The original Visual Boy Advance was last updated in This tutorial focuses on VisualBoyAdvance-M.

About Visual Boy Advance

There is very little difference between the original Visual Boy Advance and the Merged version. Hence, this tutorial can still be used for either version. Visual Boy Advance is a standalone program so it does not have an install wizard.

Installation is simple: Not sure how to extract zip files? Here's a video tutorial showing you how: Visual Boy Advance must be placed in a common folder on your computer. I recommend Documents , Downloads , or create a folder on your desktop. If you place Visual Boy Advance somewhere else on your main C drive, then you may be restricting it to read-only access. Doing so prevents Visual Boy Advance from saving anything.

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Note that you can place your games wherever you want. Typically, people place them in the same folder as Visual Boy Advance. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. You need to install the full DirectX package.