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I wanted to learn how to sing and I'm so grateful I came across this app.

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With the membership well worth it it teaches you how to sing with some ear training too. Best app! This app helped me go from an alto to a soprano!! My Choir teacher said i have made a big improvement and he is very proud of me. This app takes your singing to a whole new level! I am very impressed with this app. It is an amazing lesson guide. I have gotten better and I've only used this app for a week so far.

Really Helpful!!

Vocal Lab for Mac - Download

This is a very fun and helpful app! I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to improve their singing voice and gain a better understanding of proper pitch. I especially like the warm up exercises. A simple way to manage your pitch. Perfect practice makes perfect, and this WILL help! But now I know what I'm doing is so much better!!!! You need to get this App!!!!!!! I am afraid of singing in front of anyone and this app is making me more confident!!

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It's already helped me soooo much! I just downloaded this app and I'm checking out the things it can do. The first sections seems to be ok, until i got to the sing songs part There are no more than 10 songs available without doing anything more than just installing the app from the list of songs you see when you chose the sing songs option or something like that , then there's the "more songs" option at the bottom of the list.

So, i clicked it and a message asking if i like the app popped up with options "yes, no, decide later" or something like such Picking this option led me back to the song list that shows the "more songs" option.

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So, i tried to pick a different, positive option. I feel like I actually gave a bit much thought on this than it deserves I know there's a lot of negative reviews and I do agree with what some of them say such as the limitation of song choice and being forced to write a review, ha! And by the way, app isn't very much worth it if you don't purchase the whole shibang. Sorry for that spoiler.

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However, being a novice with little money, this is a gem. This has been the best app so far, I'm already improving in tone and breath. It really helps to sing to a song I just use my library and deal with it and listen back to the recording to hear what can be improved. Only advice is keep your mic as close to your mouth as you can while you sing so you get a good sound of yourself. You can adjust the range, but only between three settings, which is problematic. These warmups include triads, quints, and flying triads.

5 Best iPhone Apps for Vocal Training

All of these will increase the control you have over your singing and will allow you to move faster between two notes. This will also change key so you are getting a full range. This app features a timer that will time your breathing, so you can breathe properly, as well as sing longer without having to take a breath. Vocal Coach is a good app to use for singing if you want to move fluidly through notes, but still have complete control over it. Sing Sharp provides you with a lot of good warmups to help control your voice and keep it loose and warmed up to sing.

Sing Sharp also allows you to sing along to songs to practice and improve your voice. However, this app is helpful in warming up your voice and loosening it. Singing Lessons is a good app brought to you by Howcast. There are many great singing apps out there for iPhone, but most of them are not free. I believe that I found the best, free singing apps for iPhone that will help with your vocal training and will help you learn things by ear, as well as visually being able to see it.

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