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To name a cell, you select it, then enter the name in the Name box the entry area at the far left of the formula bar ; the name should have no spaces in it. The billing formula then extracts the number of hours from the total time and multiplies that by the hourly rate, then extracts the number of minutes and multiplies that by the hourly rate divided by You can tweak this sheet as necessary to suit your needs.

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For example, if you manage multiple employees or consultants, you could create a separate worksheet tab for each one. Pull Excel data into Word docs. Three must-see Excel tricks. Excel vs. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. Creating a time-stamp button The first step is to create a button that will insert the current date and time in a selected cell.

The code with automatically generated comments removed should look like this: Sub InsertTime ActiveCell. Copy Selection. PasteSpecial Paste: Calculating with time Now that you can record the times you worked on a project, the next step is to add formulas that will calculate the total time you spent and then apply that time to your hourly rate. Calendar Dropdown for Mac Excel Hi Michelle - I have not gotten it to work the way you described, but you may take a look at this page: Excel Tips: Hopefully it can get you started.

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I'm including the youtube url, so you can watch it to see how it works. Share it with others Like this thread? Remember Me?

Results 1 to 3 of 3. Calendar Dropdown for Mac Excel However, Microsoft started supporting online office add-ins in Excel for Mac only recently — so some inconsistencies are to be expected. This is useful to enter dates, but I want to remove it from the spreadsheet once this is done.

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How do you remove it? Hello Sylvain, When you click on the year, you will see a drop down menu. It shows the span of 20 years 10 years before and 10 years after the selected date. If necessary, repeat the operation to see earlier years in the the drop down. Hello Alex, the Calendar is not resizable. It is a content pane app based on a present forms by Microsoft Office developers. Thank you! Office API on which the Calendar add-in relies on was not working properly, but we have found a workaround.

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Truly pathetic support. Have suggested removal from the office store. Note, that the Calendar uses the same date format that your system has.

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You can change the default settings of you system: We are aware of the bug with the UK date format — and we are working on it. This would be really helpful if we are missing something. When I select a cell with a date, the calendar highlights the day before. Hello Cristina, I have send you an email — we will need some more info to try reproduce the error. You are right, Mary, the Calendar is not a drop-down type of add-in. Web-based add-ins come in only two forms — as a content pane on a sheet like this Calendar or as a task pane like the Unpivot Table. Check out our desktop Popup Calendar — is is the drop-down kind you have described.

Click the cell — get the calendar pop up — pick a date — the calendar disappears. Hi Sammyg, XLTools Calendar add-in does not work for merged cells yet — possibly in the next versions. The Calendar add-in works for standard desktop MS Excel not online version too. Please follow the same steps above to access the Calendar add-in. You will need to be online Internet connection to work with Office Store add-ins. Also suitable for Excel , once installed it does not require Internet.

Functionality is a bit different — you are welcome to take a free trial and see which product suits you most. Thanks already! It has a wider functionality, including default formatting. This does not work? I have the system as UK?! Indeed, there is a bug, that for some reason prevents setting UK date format. It does take us a while to figure out and solve the problem, we are punished by losing customers.. Thanks for speaking up! I have a similar issue: My system is set to yyyy-mm-dd, yet the date entered into cells by this add-in is in m-d-yyyy and setting the cell format to ANYTHING does not change it.

Any updates as to the bug yet or other workarounds? Thanks, Jan. However, how can I get it as a default every time I open excel? Have created a macro button which shows as a default but it opens the original spreadsheet that I created it in.

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So if you add the Calendar to a spreadsheet — it will still be there next time. But in a new spreadsheet you have to add it again. Hi — how do I resize the calendar without cropping? I am trying to make it a bit smaller. The Calendar add-in works only with dates. I suggest you create a drop-down list native Excel feature — this could be helpful for long lists of names.

I have added the calendar to a spreadsheet, Excel When I click on a field that has a date in it it changes the calendar to that date. However, when I select a field then click on the calendar it does not put the date in the field. No error, just nothing happens. Hi Kennedy, Thank for reporting this!

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Although we cannot reproduce this error on our machines. Is it possible that the blanks cells are locked for editing? I have dropped you an email.

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Hi Maria, I am faced with the same problem as Kennedy. Could you advice me on how to can work it out. I am using Excel Thanks, Oscar. Hi Oscar, We are still working on this issue. Seems that the error happens in Excel , but not on every PC. Can I set this so that when I click on a cell it opens up the calendar for that cell rather than having it open all the time?

No, you can only close the Calendar add-in yourself, it does not close automatically after you enter a date in a cell.