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Hay Day has an in-game currency that comes in coins. Currency in Hay Day can be earned via harvesting and selling the crops. Last updated a year ago by xofe.

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Maintainers 1. Today 0. Zurbuchen is off on a race to make these things happen much faster than is usually the case at NASA.

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This means that there will be more risks taken - but with that comes a greater chance to try new things. Indeed, if the program achieves what it aspires to do, there could be payloads on the surface of the Moon by the end of These missions will conduct pure science and applied technology.

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The applied technology is designed to build up capabilities that will be needed when human landings are attempted at the end of the next decade. Among other things locating resources for fuel generation and lunar base construction will be explored. Yet when you read the BAA it refers to a "Reference Architecture" that proposers are supposed to base their ideas on - anything outside of that Reference Architecture would be deemed beyond the scope of this BAA.

That sounds a bit contradictory. NASA says they want people's ideas - even if they are different than what NASA wants to do yet the procurement vehicle they use seems to preclude that. They say that will take ideas that do not conform to the BAA's language and consider them even though the BAA does not mention this. The real question is whether NASA truly wants to use the engines of creativity that a fully open architecture would instill or whether they want to be seen as trying to be open when in fact they still want to impose agency solutions when all is said and done.

This is sort of a "closed openness" approach. Another analogy is to compare the way that Google leaves its Android architecture rather open to outside developers and hardware manufacturers while Apple has adopted a "walled garden" approach where they control the extent of software operations and hardware implementation. Both approaches work - but one is far more "open" than the other. But to be honest NASA is trying to do the whole return to the Moon thing much faster than you'd expect. NASA has made flashy proclamations to this effect 4 or 5 times since humans last walked on the Moon.

Yet half a century and many false starts later later we have still not put a human on the Moon again.

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This time NASA is taking more risks than they are used to taking. With that comes the chance to try more new approaches and get back to the Moon faster than might otherwise be the case. Events will begin with a media roundtable at And the president himself has mused about the Moon and Mars. However, beyond talk of returning humans to the Moon, much of the country's civil space policy and budgeting priorities really hadn't changed much until late last week.

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On Thursday, NASA released a broad agency announcement asking the US aerospace industry for its help to develop large landers that, as early as , would carry astronauts to the surface of the Moon. Over the span of 15 years, for a program designed to last no more than six months, the MER team's scientific and engineering achievements have informed our understanding of Mars to pave the way for future exploration.

They started operations at a critical moment in the wake of the Columbia shuttle tragedy and after a series of missions to Mars with little success. As the chapters of NASA history continue to be written, the MER program will be remembered as a moment that restored our resolve to explore space beyond our own planet. Both were routinely deployed to convince dubious decision makers on Capitol Hill that the engineering project was sound, the scientific mission was well considered and the probability for success was higher than the mission failures that preceded.

Their credibility and expertise made very Doubting Thomas a convert. After the Rovers landed, Steve proved to be the go-to guy to explain to television audiences around the globe exactly what we were looking for on the Red Planet. Today it's treated as "Truth according to Squyres" thanks to his capacity to bring the science to life for all of us who are pedestrians.

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I also had a chance to ask Steve Squyres about the twin rovers and their place in the pantheon of human exploration:. EST 11 a. PST Wednesday, Feb. The solar-powered rover last communicated with Earth June 10, , as a planet-wide dust storm was blanketing the Red Planet. This was not unexpected since I knew that his name was in the queue waiting for just the right feature to be discovered by the Opportunity rover. Wharton Bob. Bob was born a few years before me in and died unexpectedly in Bob would have been in his element on Mars. He was perfectly suited for it. When we do send people to Mars they will truly be following in his footsteps.

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