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Obviously, this doesn't include random forums and websites where you've signed up for newsletters. But you need to reset your passwords for any account where you have entered financial data, or store personal data of any kind. The best password is one like this: Or this: But they are not easy to remember. If you use a password manager, you can create secure passwords for all your needs without having to remember them. The only password you need to recall is a single, very secure password that lets you access your password manager.

There are several password managers for Mac, and my favorite is 1Password. Not only does it store your passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, and more, but it can create passwords for you when you need to set up a new account.

How To Tell If You've Been Hacked (And What To Do About It)

I used 1Password to create the two passwords in the paragraph above, using two different options: Using a password manager helps you use different passwords for different accounts. Since it can be hard to remember all the passwords you need, you may have defaulted to using something like "password" for lots of accounts. Or you may be using a more secure password, but using it for all your accounts.

Get out of that habit: With a password manager, you can create unique secure passwords for each of your accounts. Many services offer two-factor authentication, which lets you secure your account not only with a user name and password, but also with a device, usually your smartphone. You should turn this on for every account where it is available. This article gives you more information about two-factor authentication. It may already be too late, but just in case, delete any really sensitive data from the account that was hacked. So if you're worried about any important files, especially those that contain personal information, delete them immediately.

If you store important files on these cloud services, clear out your folders now. The scammer may say that you are in some different country and were robbed, and that you need money. Since your friends will think that the emails are really coming from you, they may be inclined to send you money via Western Union, PayPal, or some other service. Some social media services let you link apps to your account. These apps are able to post for you, as well as read and write information about your account.

You may have authorized a number of apps to use Facebook or Twitter, but hackers may plant their own apps thinking that you may not notice, and use them at a later date. Check the social media platforms you use and, if you don't recognize any authorized apps, revoke their access. Use these links to check Facebook , Twitter , and Google. The main reason cyber criminals hack Internet accounts is to make money. If someone can get a hold of your credit card information, they will attempt to make purchases until that card is blocked.

If they can get into your PayPal account, they will try to transfer money to an account they control. This is an open-source AV engine that detects both Windows and Mac threats, and can be quickly fired up in times of crisis. However, I've found its real-time protection unnecessary, as you end up running full-system scans to deal with problems anyway. This might be a good utility to keep around, or download as needed. If neither of these suits your needs, we have a list of 12 antivirus apps to help treat what ails your Mac. Knowledge is a Weapon If you think, or you know, you've been infected with malware, odds are you aren't the only one.

Some smart Googling may connect you with critical information and updates that can solve the problem. If your Mac is unusable, or untrustworthy, use your phone or a friend's computer. Alternatively, if your computer has become too unstable to use, you can access Apple's support website from your Mac's recovery partition.

8 Things to Do Right Now if You’ve Been Hacked | The Mac Security Blog

Simply reboot, and hold command aka: Click on the Safari icon, and you'll be able to browse Apple's help articles. The site is notoriously hard to search, but stick with it and you might find something useful. Kill It With Fire Some users find the use of AV software to be distasteful for whatever reason, and prefer more of a scorched Earth policy to solve their problems. While Apple provides several tools to let you blast your machine and start over, bear in mind that doing so can lead to its own problems--not the least of which is restoring your documents and apps.

If you create backups with Apple's Time Machine utility, you can roll back your machine to before the point of infection. To do so, boot into the OS X recovery partition. From here you can click on the Time Machine option to restore your system to before the infection occurred. Go Nuclear If you're not sure when you were hit, or you just want to be certain you clean up all of the nastiness, you can completely wipe your hard drive, re-install the OS, and recover files from your Time Machine backup. This is a true "nuclear option," and is a last resort when everything else has failed or your system has been severely damaged.

12 Signs Your Computer Has Been Hacked

After it's done, quit Disk Utility and click on the OS re-install option in the recovery menu. Your computer will connect to the Internet and download the latest full version of the OS.

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Once you begin setting up the new OS, you'll be given the option to restore from Time Machine again. Be careful which option you choose.

It might be prudent to only restore user profiles and files, but leave out applications. All applications purchased through the App Store can be downloaded again, for free, once your system is set up. If you purchased or registered paid software online, look through your email for an activation code, or contact the vendor directly.

8 Things to Do Right Now if You’ve Been Hacked

Be Smart Once you've got your computer sorted, don't let this happen to you again. When Apple does release a security update, it's critical that users install it as soon as possible. Be sure to pay attention to those update prompts! And keep all your other software up to date, too!

The process is so simple on the Mac that you really have no excuse for not doing so.