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Also download the Android NDK v Installing this is required if you are building our examples or SciChart Android library from source-code. Gradle is the command-line build tool for Java and Android applications. If you are compiling SciChart Android from our source code, it is recommended you install Gradle.

Environment variables

Following the instructions from StackOverflow at http: To set environment variables so that they may be read by OSX Applications, you will need to follow these steps. Under your username, click Login Items. Add the EnvironmentVars script to the login items, so that this script is opened every time you login.

After logging in, wait a moment for the script to run it can take 10 seconds after startup.


Then, you can verify that all environment variables have been set correctly by opening a new Terminal window and typing. Are you new to SciChart? The reason behind this is that you might want to have flutter available globally and on every new terminal session. Updating PATH variable solved the problem.

  • Setting ANDROID_HOME environmental variable on Maverick Mac OS X Lion (10.7.5);
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In my case flutter downloaded directly into my user root folder. If you changed directory before cloning the repository Flutter will be located in a respective folder. We need to set our path in a special file called.

Installing the Java Development Kit

In your terminal window enter following command touch. Traditionally, when you log into a Unix system, the system would start one program for you. That program is a shell, i.

How to install Maven on Mac OS

It's a command line shell: Bash is a Bourne-like shell. Read more on StackExchange. Now that we have. In your terminal window type sudo nano.

NativeScript Advanced Setup — macOS - NativeScript Docs

Make sure that you are in the same directory where you created the file itself. Other paths that might have been set for you or by you previously will be found here and we have to add the path for Flutter.

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  3. Android SDK and Emulator;
  4. Just cut and paste. Everything should be in place. You need to update the path accordingly. It will see if there are any dependencies you need to install to complete the setup.

    Setting ANDROID_HOME environmental variable on Maverick Mac OS X Lion (10.7.5)