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I have water eye corners and if I apply any liner till the end of my eyes, it smudges.

M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Kohl Reviews

It even stays on waterline for long and I was in rain, when I was wearing it. I have watery eyes… This is not fr me then but I like it lot. NIcee review: Gowthami recently posted… Beauty Tip: Exfoliate Less. I am using gel eyeliner blacktrack from Mac as my kohl.. That works for me: I love this one from MAc , price tag notwithstanding. Line your upper lash line and lower lash line with a black kohl.. And then make a V on the inner corners of your eyes with the kohl.

I used Lakme […]. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Vanitynoapologies Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog. The Majestic Composition Brands. Satliva Organic Products: Review, Price, How To Use. Kesh King: Camphor in your kajal if it stings, is a BAD sign — well its not supposed to be stinging, its supposed be tingling like when you use peppermint cream or something ….

Oh okay — you mean it should be specified ke it safe for use on waterline. So are the MAC powerpoints specified as okay for waterline use?

M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Kohl

I switched to MF Kohl because I found it super dark compared to my Avon pencil, other than that no other problem. And the Avon stays a teeny bit on longer on my waterline, so now I am thinking I will use the MF Kohl, get the super black look and then line over it with Avon to make it stay put!!!

Overdose of kajal: Or do the layering thing — should work, im guessing but I find everytime I put too much stuff on the waterline it bleeds waaay more, or maybe thats a me thing — try it no … tell me if it works: Heeeeyyyyloooooooooooo…no way Smolder cost same as my 2 cheapo pencils put together….

Ratidooo not Mac Kohls — Mac Powerpoint pencils and while ur at it what about the technokohl me: I wonder why I have never shown it here.. I have a bluue tooo — Auto-de Blue — im so sad my technokohl just got over — I was this close to crying. Nice and clear review Janhavi.. The MAC store is like an all you can eat Candyland!!!!

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And teeeeeheheheheheeeeeeeee…I say that tooo…. I am just looking around: Can you believe that? I mean hello???? I have hence never ventured into any other MAC store after that. You are the customer and the customer is king or God or something awesome!!!! But go to MAC — its your right as a potential customer or just appreciater of make-up ….. Queen all in one, if the Mac MUAs gett annoying throw just hit them on the head with a: I almost died being so good and saying it..

It was sincere — I like how you write — and now please let me be horrids….. I have worn this ryt now……I cried with it for a movie too….. Great review. Dr uncle?????????? Ratidooo I almost fell off my chair right now! What is she trying to say????????????????? She gulped one coffee herself while serving you. Ki Hoya Cali. Awwww — Im physically stopping myself from quoting gay movie lines right now — but anytime cali — no one should feel low here at least: And Rads — be careful Rati is overtaking taking you with her meanie comments today — you better accelerate on your Horridness!

Wonder what happened at that MAC store…but me no going there: Sorry to crush your enthusiasm and spirit Rads, every one including u knew: Guess who has posted the fourth comment on the post: Doofenshmirtz herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think I am having some brain problem: Know what…just now Aarthi posted that on her site..

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Just wait and watch!!

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She said so herself, Suma…hello everyone, I am an Ogre, I am scary. As it turns out, she is absolutely harmless.. She does look hot, I love that out fit the long white shirt with chotu shorts, very sexy …. You should report it to MAC people!!!

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This kind of behavior is unacceptable.. That sucks suma. I mean how dare they ask you not to touch anything? The SAs are really warm and nice. You must visit there, seriously. The crisp finish of Urban Decay's tutorial-famous eye pencil stays put, no matter what, and it's all thanks to the nourishing jojoba oil and moisturising vitamin E. It's great for those with oily lids who find that their liner slips and slides throughout the day.

Kick the concealer to the kerb, people. A single slick of this nude eyeliner has the ability to illuminate even the most tired of peepers, helping you to mask all traces of a heavy night out in a matter of seconds. The staying power is second to none and you can snap it up in fourteen shades, from gold to midnight blue. The almost waxy consistency of Kevyn Aucoin's eye pencil stops it from bleeding and fading, so you can say a big fat SEE YA to the raccoon eyes that always seem to follow you home after a night out.

Well worth the price tag. This crayon-like liner hugs the lash line really closely to make framing your eyes a total breeze. A swipe inside the water line adds a vampy feel to any beauty look and despite the plastic case, it is so easy to sharpen. This pencil's thin nib can be wedged into your lash line for the ultimate in precision and definition. Smoky wing? Oh, go on then. The texture is creamy enough for you to blend out using just the soft pad of your finger but it won't transfer after a couple of hours - promise. Don't let the humble price-tag fool you.

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Rimmel's inky black pencil is a staple inside many a beauty editor's arsenal for it's impressive pigment pay off and the way that it floats along the lash line without snagging. A quick scrawl has the ability to define and accentuate even the smallest eyes, but the best part is that it never seems to run down to the bottom.

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Like, ever. Boxercise, tearjerkers and monsoon-like weather are just a few things that don't stand a chance against Smashbox's waterproof kohl liner - trust us.

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