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See below the changes in each version:. Continue to Stalker Cat Live Wallpaper. He'll pop up from random locations along the edges of the screen and get all smug if he thinks you haven't detected him. With mesmerizing eyes and color, this cat live wallpaper Continue to app Rating: Tap the kitten and he'll react. Change his eyes and mouth in the settings screen. The number of Perfect for Click stars to rate this APP! Newsletter Submit. The stalkers and the soldiers share the same skins, but that was solved with a small mod.

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You can find much better gear from early on, it took me 5 minutes to find a Vintar. There are more inventory items - even PDAs are an item now. The physics are great, better implemented than in the released versions. I had quite a surprise while fighting in the open, on top of a small hill and taking cover behind a wooden cart: Most objects can be moved by bullets or by bumping into them. The story isn't entirely implemented. As of now, most voices and text are in Russian, but today one of the modders will do the text translation.

There are zombies and other monsters included - but these were left for modders in SoC's files, together with an entire new level and other assets, so they're not exactly new.

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There are two levels that were never seen before though, more underground areas and new buildings. It's a gold mine for the modding community, since everything can be ported to the new versions of the engine.

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In a few weeks, we'll have a truly playable version of this build, maybe with a menu now you have to edit the. I can't wait until it will be cannibalised by the modders and we'll have improved versions of Oblivion Lost and the others This build basically restared the mod community for both SoC and Clear Sky.

They hinted at a hybrid solution, combining CE2 and "something else" - kind of like the Source and the new COD engines are built by using iD technology. Oblivion Lost is a great mod no doubt about it and everyone who plays ShoC should have it installed. But this add things the Oblivion Lost mod couldn't ever dream from the missing levels to the true A-Life and the even better, more real atmospheric feel to the world.

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In a week or two this will be fully playable and in months this will be almost like a full game. In a year and some, who knows may this may end up being one of the best thing to happen to gaming in a long time.

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MadCat46 lol people, just download the oblivion lost mod, you ll be glad you did. So its not running, i installed it and its not working!

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Can anyone help me? Do you expect us to magically know exactly what is happening when you try and run the program? Some more information would be a little more helpful, I would think. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Baranga Follow Forum Posts: GSC released today a build of Stalker: Oblivion Lost! Level list: It's unstable, buggy, it crashes a lot etc, but I think it's worth playing it. Their FTP is slow, I recommend using a torrent, or wait until some other sites put it up. What is this? It runs only in DX8. It's interesting for the fans or anyone interested in the developement process.

Baranga Stalker, as it was in , lol.

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So is this like the game free or something like that or a mod? A primitive, beta version of Stalker. So is this a mod or something??

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Cuz i downloaded it off filefront and it says it is a mod and it is also only like mb? I think you downloaded the Oblivion Lost mod for Shadow of Chernobyl, that's something else. Oh okay thanks, even though it takes 40mins for everyone: Shadowhawk Follow Forum Posts: Wouldn't Stalker be like 10 dollars now anyway? G-Lord Follow Forum Posts: Thank you very much for the info.

I'll hold off on this since the original version doesn't even work for me lol but this is a nice little release. I just played it for about 30 minutes.

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It's quite I noticed that the physics are way better than in the released versions: Artosa Follow Forum Posts: Its not the same Stalker as you would get if you bought it off of steam in or a store. Hellboard Follow Forum Posts: But through the power of MODS!!! Two "albums" with pics: MadCat46 Follow Forum Posts: