Embed a video into powerpoint 2011 mac

Just to clarify Embedding means you have it downloaded to your computer, what you asking for is called "Streaming". Yes it is possible, by using Hyperlink.

How to Embed a video in a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint Mac « Microsoft Office :: WonderHowTo

See my answer below for details. There is a very simple method by using the Hyperlink command in PowerPoint.

You can Hyperlink any object in you Presentation. Here is a sample how to do it for this sample presentation I made.

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In Hyperlink paste the link to the you tube video. This isn't quite what I was looking for. I would prefer not to switch applications, but have it playing back in the presentation. PowerPoint it self can not play any movies at all, it uses external resources to do it. Dave Dave 7, 2 18 In PowerPoint, navigate to the desired slide.

Add a Movie to a Slide in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Click on the Insert tab of the ribbon. Towards the right side of the ribbon, in the Media section, click on the Video button. Click on the video placeholder to select it.

There are tiny selection handles in each corner and side of the placeholder. These selection handles allow for resizing the video. To retain the proper proportions of the video, it is important to drag one of the corner handles to resize the video. Dragging a selection handle on one the sides will cause distortion of the video. You may have to repeat this task to get the sizing just right.

Insert Video (Movie) Clips in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

In addition to adding a movie to a slide using the Insert Movie dialog or Media Browser, you can add a movie by dragging it onto a slide from Finder. While the Movie icon is selected, take a peek at the Ribbon. There you find a feast of new offerings. Click the Format Movie tab of the Ribbon. Choose one of these two options from this pop-up menu, and your movie will play automatically or on click the latter being the default setting. Playback Options: Choose among the following options in this pop-up menu:.

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